The Freeze

After nearly 100 years of peace, the Ilos Empire began to unravel. King Benjamin and his wife Queen Tasia died of old age together, leaving the throne to their son Douglas. He was inexperienced and eager to please, often agreeing with both King Aramil and King Harbek even if their opinions were opposites. Southron’s long-enduring prosperity was coming to an end.

When the issue of a growing threat to peace emerged from an area close to the Empire’s snowy southern border, immediacy was requested by the families men who had been slain. King Douglas wanted to act against the aggression and in this sentiment King Harbek agreed, however King Aramil warned that without sufficient information it would be impossible to determine the likelihood of victory. King Harbek called such a doubt of their prowess ‘insulting cowardice.’

Without a 2-1 vote, the Ilos Empire would not act, and would allow the violence to continue. King Aramil suggested they send reconaissance to learn more of the aggressor. The continued hesitance of the eladrin angered King Harbek. Harbek sent a group of his soldiers to kill a town of humans and frame the enemy to the south.

After this incident, King Douglas made a definitive vote to act on the aggression and the next day the Armies of the Ilos Empire went to war. They found a colony of Genasi who were angered by the Empire’s colonization in ‘their territory’ and killed them. More emerged from the snow along with their leader ‘the Frost King,’ a giant made of rock and ice. A witness informed King Douglas that the massacre of the human town had actually been committed by the dwarves, but it was too late to give an order of retreat. The Frost King was far too powerful in his element and could not be harmed by the soldiers.

Fearing for the safety of his people, the Frost King sacrificed himself and covered the southern half of Eliroth in ice. The freeze traveled quickly, locking soldiers and weapons in their place. The people of the Ilos Empire tried to escape but only a few among the most northern territory managed to. It is said that if one could survive the harsh cold of Southron, they needn’t travel far before bearing witness to the frozen bodies of all that tried to escape, monuments to a grave mistake.

The Freeze

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