Creation Story

An omnipotent entity roamed the vast emptiness of space forever, anxious for an event to occur. Though made up of planets, suns and moons, the entity felt miniscule compared to its pitch black surroundings. It removed a sun from itself and placed it in the empty black canvas so that it could appreciate its own size. The entity knew not how long it had waited for something to happen, so it removed planets from itself and posited them into orbit next to the sun, creating a measurement of time.

The entity wished to use its time wisely and continue creating from within itself, but having far too many motivations inside only served to confuse it. The entity took each of its thoughts and manifested them as Gods, placing them on the largest planet in the system. The entity did not anticipate that without motivations it would fall apart. The planets, suns and moons that made up the entity scattered across space.

Without guidance or an understanding of their creation, the Gods found themselves inevitably drawn to war on the planet Eliroth. As immortals, even the most persistent of the Gods eventually found this war to be futile. This was the beginning of the first age.

The First Age – Age of the Pact

After years of fruitless war between the Gods, a pact was formed to end the redundance without ignoring the differences between them. The Gods created mortals so that their deaths could be used as a form of keeping score. The Pact of the Gods allowed the immortal Gods to interfere only slightly for those mortals who revered them, and for a long while the life and death of these people kept them amused. However, it was not long before the Gods desired more dire consequences. This was when they very carefully orchestrated the Game of the Gods, a game ‘for keeps’ that saw the winners given the ability to banish losers from Eliroth, among other things. This marked the start of the second age.

The Second Age – Age of the Game

The rules and terms of winning are unknown but when the balance of power shifts, the whole planet feels it, leading many to believe apocalypse is imminent. Some believe the Gods may be breaking the pact and interfering extensively in the lives of mortals in hopes of winning control of the world.


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