• Race: “Purely” Half-Elf
  • Main Region: Novak
  • Characteristics: Arrogant, Austere, Unfriendly
  • Notable Figures:

The Darkwood society of half-elves are passionate to their deities and they strongly believe that the mixture of elf and human blood has been combined by divine will to create a superior race. These half-elves oppose straight-blood humans or elves, seeing them as inferior. “Best of both bloods” is a phrase commonly used by half-elves to define their existence.

They launch campaigns to spread their influence in a number of ways. Occasionally they attempt to commit hostile takeovers, but they have had few if any successes. It’s not common knowledge but they send the most “straight-blood” resembling Darkos to try to spread the seed among humans and elves. Otherwise, they attempt to frame certain societies, weaken allegiances, and create drama to harness political clout.

They see the Cochise as ignorant, weak and disgraceful to their stance of superiority. They have not declared warfare of any kind but the Darkwood elves have been accused of murder from time to time.


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