1. The First Mission

Or, "The Beginning of the End"

Mistaken for an adventuring outfit with any semblance of unity, the trio of Morgan Detto, Shaden and Ohlm were approached by two individuals at the East Ferris Fairgrounds. Both requested help from this “group,” not knowing quite who they were enlisting the services of. Desperation can sometimes make one overlook clear dangers. In the time since these individuals accepted these tasks, they have formed at least something of a bond – growing compatible and efficient in battle. Still – the question of what motivates each of these warriors remains and no one is certain who they can trust.

Samwell, a caretaker for the East Ferris Cemetary, enlisted their services in helping to guard a graveyard that has been vandalized and abandoned by those previously assigned to the post – or so he thought. It seems the previous guardians did not run off but instead were attacked by a number of undead soldiers. These dark foes put the group’s resolve to the test, a test our adventurers passed with flying colors.

Cleric Morgan Detto cleansed the land of the dark beasts with holy light while Shaden proved deserving of a name associated with shadows, blending into his surroundings to provide his victims unexpected devastation. Ohlm endured an onslaught like no other, showing off his capacity to withstand tremendous amounts of pain; clearly the dragonborn fighter by which all others shall be judged.

Our adventurers had little difficulty cleansing the grounds of these wicked creatures until meeting a more formidable opponent in the Skull Lord. After sending a skeleton and gravehound tumbling backward into the mausoleum, crashing through a false floor, the group investigated a hidden tomb where an imp and its master were hiding. Killed before any interrogation was possible, the imp gave our heroes no clues. However, the Skull Lord left behind a dusty book that may contain great insight into what he was hoping to accomplish in the cemetery that night…



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