This serves as the home page for the current adventure as well as the created world of Eliroth wherein the story takes place. This means that as a persistent world, it is possible that one or more adventuring parties will be shaping the events of Eliroth at the same time using this campaign page as a point of reference. In the event that this occurs, great care will be taken to distinguish the action as it pertains to the adventure log and moments of significance in regard to which party is responsible.


All characters featured in the Heroes of Eliroth campaign world are purely fictional. Any likenesses or similarities to anyone living or deceased is merely coincidental. Likewise, any similarities to copyrighted fictional characters is also just coincidence.

Welcome to Eliroth

At its best, it is an exciting and fascinating world rife with possibilities. At its worst, it is a haven for horrors both known and unknown that wish to rip your soul from your flesh and digest it over centuries. Consider this a guide to the main areas of the wiki. Beyond these, many links will take you to sub-pages that tell you more and enrich your understanding of the world I call Eliroth.

  • The Shape of Things
    Information regarding the geography and astrology of Eliroth, including the world’s calendar and continents.
  • Biography of the Plane
    The true story of Eliroth’s creation, including ‘creation story’ and the events leading up to the current age in this world. Many of Eliroth’s inhabitants have their own theories (read: delusions) as to how things “came to be,” but this is the reality.
  • A Place For Everyone
    A directory of the civilized nations within Eliroth’s three main continents.
  • And Everyone In Their Right Place
    Your guide to the civilized (if, at times, only slightly so) people of Eliroth and the societies they belong to, with links to specific societies containing information of their behavior and philosophies.


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